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Our Story

We are a couple of adventure seeking women who love the outdoors and having

fun. Parry, a native to Boulder, Colorado, moved to Truckee after completing her

master’s degree in Recreation Therapy and becoming a Certified Therapeutic

Recreation Therapist. Jenna, born and raised in Maine, has a degree in business

management, moved to Truckee in 2013 chasing the California snow and sun . Until

2020, neither of us had ever thrown an axe – at least not at a target. We decided to

give it a try and had so much fun that we started our own axe throwing company to

share our excitement about the sport with others. With Parry’s background in

leading and creating recreation programs, and Jenna’s business degree, we have the

confidence that this will be something really great.

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Axe Throwing

Originated by stout men with full, lustrous beards in the Great White North, axe throwing has proliferated throughout the United States. Axe throwing is a safe, easy, and fun entertainment option. The first time you bury your axe in the bullseye also happens to be completely unforgettable.



An experienced instructor oversees your experience, showing you how to throw safely and effectively. Our lanes are built with extra safety measures to avoid bounce backs. We take great pride in safety first and fun second. After a few throws, the only thing you’ll be hurting is your opponents’ feelings.


You don’t need to be able to chop down a forest; just about anyone with reasonable strength can participate in axe throwing. With instruction, you should be able to experience the thrill of hitting the target within just a few throws. Axe throwing is about finesse and the rotation of the axe. Like darts, it takes no great skill to do, but a lifetime to master.



We always do our best to give you a day to remember. Axe throwing is supposed to be a unique, memorable experience, and we’re always trying out new games to challenge your skills, and offering different ways to help you get competitive. You never know who among your group might emerge as a future lumberjack!

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